Anote Roadmap

Q1 2023 And Before

  •   Building a basic version
  •   Filtering fake users

After five years of building, testing and experimenting, Anote has finally reached beta version. We've built all basic tools and managed to filter out all fake users while being on the market that whole time.

Q2 2023

  •   Polishing everything
  •   Desktop mining
  •   List on DEXes

In second quarter of the year we've polished everything up and made it all work smoothly. We're also developing an app for desktop mining and pushing towards listing Anote on DEX exchanges.

Q3 2023

  •   Tutorials
  •   Telegram channel advertising network
  •   Full decentralization
  •   Additional languages

In third quarter we will make as many tutorials as possible, both textual with photos and video tutorials. For mining, trading, cashing out, purchasing ads, running a node etc. We will build an advertising network for Telegram channels using Anote (and maybe Waves) as a method of payment, we will add as many translations to all our tutorials and apps as possible and decentralize the whole project 100%.

Q4 2023

  •   AINT Oracle
  •   AintCoin case study

In forth quarter of the year we will introduce an additional way of mobile mining - asking users questions for the purpose of fully decentralized oracles. Questions like the price of Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) at particular time on particular exchange, questions like sports matches results etc.

In the same time we will start working on AintCoin case study and the concept of Virtual Proof of Work. The idea is to create a coin with same tokenomics as Bitcoin, but instead of electricity, to use knowledge of setting up a Waves custom blockchain and node to do the work.


  •   DAO Company
  •   AintCoin

In 2024 we will build a completely virtual DAO company and a template for other projects to use it for their own DAO companies. DAO companies can easily replace traditional companies, especially IT companies. Our DAO company will manage Anote and AintCoin. In 2024 we will also try to bring AintCoin to public beta version.