Mint And Use NODE Token

How To Mint And Use NODE Token

NODE token is a token that is required to run Anote node. It's being minted with BNB, limited to 1000 NODEs with the starting price of 0.05 BNB which is increasing by 0.01 BNB every 10 minted NODE tokens.

How To Mint NODE?

To mint NODE, you must have a certain amount of BNB. It's being minted using our NODE minting tool on and a BSC wallet like Trust or MetaMask by following these steps:

  •   Open tool in your Trust wallet browser
  •   Enter your Anote address
  •   Enter amount of NODE tokens you want to mint without decimals
  •   Click "Mint NODE Token" button to mint
  •   Confirm the transaction in your Trust / MetaMask wallet
  •   Wait for the process to finish

How To Use NODE Token?

NODE token is used in the procedure of setting up Anote node. You can learn how to setup node using NODE token in our Anote node tutorial.