Anote blockchain started with 1000 premined anotes, the amount needed to set up the first mining node and it was agreed upon that majority of block reward goes to the community address where DAO smart contract will be attached. Block reward is distributed using a smart contract and split to four parts (addresses):

  •   Node owner
  •   Mobile mining
  •   AINT holder mining
  •   Community address

Monetary Policy

Block reward monetary policy on node level is currently set to 1 anote per block with one block being created every minute. That means 1440 new anotes per day.


Anote block reward is split in 4 parts:

  •   Node owner - 1%
  •   Mobile mining fund - 3%
  •   AINT holder mining fund - 0.5%
  •   Community address - 95.5%

These percentages will change through voting and will be dramatically affected once community DAO has enough anotes for leasing to new nodes.

AINT Tokenomics

AINT (Anote Infrastructure Token) is limited to 144000.

It's being minted using smart contract on Waves blockchain with Waves token that is currently used to fund the developer, but will be converted to community DAO fund with a mining Waves node.