Advertise With Anote Ads

How To Advertise On Anote Ads

Anote Ads is an advertising tool for Anote Ads Telegram channel.

To start advertising with Anote, first open new account on Anote Ads tool. You could reuse your wallet / miner seed, but that is not recommended. General recommended way in crypto is to have different seeds for different tools.

Send some anotes from your Anote One wallet to your Anote Ads account.

Create an ad, write your ad text, add the link and save it. You can copy and use emoticons from Telegram too.

Open "Auctions" tab and make a bid. Minimum amount for a bid is 1 anote.

And that's it. If your ad is the only one or you outbid the other ones, it will be published in next broadcast instead of default Anote ad.

In next version it will be possible to add banners and video ads. We will also implement preview of the ad and some targeting. It will be possible to add Anote Robot to other Telegram channels, thus monetizing the channel for the channel owner, providing channel audience with a way to earn just by being memeber of some channel and providing Anote with new users. This will give Anote advertising targeting by interest and language too and create bigger demand for anotes.