How To Create Your Own Token

How To Create Your Own Token

You can create your own tokens on Anote network in just few clicks. To do so, open tool for developers on, enter the required information about the token and click "Create Token" button. This is the information you have to fill in:

  •   Token Name
  •   Decimals
  •   Quantity
  •   Reissuable
  •   Description

Token Name is the name of the token you are creating. It's also a ticker (like BTC, LTC, ANOTE, AINT etc).

Decimals defines how many decimal places your token will have.

Quantity defines how many tokens will you be creating.

Reissuable makes it possible for token to be reissued or forbid it.

Description is the description of your newly created token.

It's not allowed to use aready taken famous token names like Bitcoin / BTC, Litecoin / LTC etc.


Creating token costs 1 ANOTE. However, after creating it, you usually have to list it in Anote wallet and that costs $30 payable in the anotes by current exchange rate. This allows users of your token to see it in their wallets once you send it to them.


In the future, it will be possible to configure your token in a way so that users can pay fees for anote network in your tokens instead of anotes, it will be possible to add an icon for your token and to update the details of the token. We will also provide white label service for businesses in a way that they can have their own token together with their own wallet with their own logo and on their own domain, all that using Anote network.