Not many people noticed the real revolution Bitcoin showed us. This revolution lays in the fact that Bitcoin is the first world wide famous Open Source project ran on its own decentralized infrastructure not owned by anybody. Bitcoin's infrastructure is completely ran by game theory incentives which show us that people are willing to provide gigabytes of disk space and enormous amounts of electricity for the common goal and with a reward.

Now imagine a platform like Facebook built and ran this way. Owned by the people who use it, programmed not for pure profit, but putting community and society first, completely transparent, Open Source and free for all, without any censorship.

This with the amount of users Facebook has, it would basically make the biggest empire in the world, owned by the people, governed by the people, benefiting people. It would allow us to end "divide and conquer" policies all around the world and it would be unstoppable, just like Bitcoin.

Imagine Uber, Airbnb, Google, media, banks, real world infrastructure, all of the big ones being integrated and working for people first.

Anote or any other name, this is going to happen, cloud based empire organized by the principles of Open Source movement has already began to form. Open Source is a simple idea, it's a way of being productive by doing what you love in a way that serves the others. And this is the real (r)evolution that Bitcoin shows us. Anote aims to organize and define that effort into something being consciously built. It is a crypto-anarchistic decentralized upside down empire in the cloud and everybody is welcome to join and help.

And since we're not looking to destroy the capitalism, only make it so much better and since we're fighting on the open markets, we won't shed away from making some money in the process and building Anote to be crazy viral and attract as many people as possible. However, we will always keep in mind people who don't like the technology.

Join us today and let's build a better future together!