Run Anote Node

How To Run Anote Node

Software requirements: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Hardware requirements: At this point, it is still enough to use the smallest Digital Ocean droplet ($6).

To install and run a node follow these simple steps:

1. Create a Digital Ocean account and run a droplet

Open an account on Digital Ocean if you don't already have one. After that, run the cheapest droplet by selecting these options:

  • - Distribution: Ubuntu 20.04
  • - Plan: Basic (shared CPU)
  • - CPU options: Regular with SSD and 1 GB / 1 CPU
  • - Datacenter region: any
  • - Authentication: Password or SSH if you know how to use it
  • - Additional options: none

2. Install Anote node

After creating droplet is finished, access console by clicking three dots on the right side of the droplet and then choosing "Access console" option. Enter password you received on your email upon creating a droplet and then paste this command in the shell:

wget && chmod +x && ./

This will take some time. After the droplet has finished and rebooted, access console again and enter this command to get your node's address:

./anote-node -init

Copy your node's address, open your Anote One wallet and send 0.007 anotes to your node address.

Now copy your Anote address from your Anote One wallet, go back to node console and run this command using Anote address from your wallet (not node's address):

./anote-node -install YOURANOTEADDRESS

Contact admins in the Telegram group to get a lease for your node.

And that's it, you are now running an Anote node. The mining will start in 1000 blocks (~17 hours) and you will start receiving anotes in your wallet. Welcome! 🚀